Author and Naturalist

Author and NaturalistAuthor and Naturalist

Sarah Cooper-Ellis

An eclectic lifelong learner, Sarah Cooper-Ellis was raised in Putney, Vermont, and has studied and worked broadly. 

She practiced sugarbush husbandry and independent thinking at the Putney School; cello in Devon, England; back-country exploration in Carbondale, Colorado; human development at Lesley College; bryophyte ecology at Eagle Hill, Maine; literature and biology at Smith College; assessment of catastrophic wind disturbance at the Harvard Forest; infant-toddler development at Keene State College, and insight meditation in Brattleboro, Vermont and Barre, Massachusetts. Most of her pursuits and perceptions show up in her writing of fiction, poetry, and essays, which she has practiced throughout her life. Landing is her first novel. 

Cooper-Ellis lives in the village of Putney Vermont with her beloved husband Abijah Reed and their border collie Hep.