Author and Naturalist

Author and NaturalistAuthor and Naturalist

Author and Naturalist

Author and NaturalistAuthor and Naturalist

Now Available for Purchase!


Now Available for Purchase!



Survivor of tragedy and bad choices, retired schoolteacher Meredith

has almost given up on love when she moves back to the small 

Vermont town where she grew up to help in her family’s maple syrup

business. As she explores the potential for a new life, Meredith

encounters a series of enticing detours and blind alleys disguised

as payoffs. She finds new meaning in the hills and forests of her

childhood, and an unlikely relationship offers an enticing potential 

for the kind of love she’s been in search of.

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To fully ‘land’ in one’s skin, in the ongoing imperfect life, may be the crucial work of the later years. Sarah Cooper-Ellis’ Landing shows a woman coming fully alive in relation to both formative places and the familial forge from which protagonist Meredith has emerged. 

                                    Jan Frazier, When Fear Falls Away

Landing has gorgeous writing, compelling characters, and is rich in insight into the human condition, especially the female condition and family dynamics. The writing is beautiful, fresh, insightful, poignant. Just brilliant! 

                                    Kate Gleason, Measuring the Dark

Meredith’s connection to home is thick as the syrup her family sells and fraught as the frenetic family business. We can’t help falling for Meredith's intimacy with the natural landscape, and her authenticity in approaching the human one. 

                                         Verandah Porche, Sudden Eden

Cooper-Ellis has written a quiet, contemporary novel, both lyrical and articulate. Landing brings alive the New England landscape and its inhabitants. 

                                     Warren Perkins, Putrefaction Live

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